Friday, September 15, 2006

RDF export/import

A project in S3DB can be exported in the RDF/N3 format (w3c Notation 3 definition), the more "readable" version of RDF.

For an example of the nomenclature used for exporting ontologies, see N3 example or the RDF/XML convertion. #R, #V and #S refer to resources, rules and statements on S3DB. Similarly, #P refers to a project on S3DB (check out our paper for the definition of what each of these are).

How to read the RDF?
This RDF annotates data to the indexing schema, therefore each element can be backtracked to other elements in the document. In reality, this example carries only 6 statements, the first six lines. The rest of the document has information regarding the "metadata" needed to describe those 3 statement indexes.

The best way to understand this example is on the interface visualization of the "Example Project" in the demo.
Try adding a "House" and properties of that house, for example, adding a "Location" and an "Ocupant". If you export the RDF (Example Project/Export project in RDF), you can clearly see what changed in the statements.

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